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VIDMO Design System is a All-inclusive design system with a collection of high-quality professional components for websites & web apps created with best practices. VIDMO was prepared to provide the most important and reusable components for Your projects.

When creating the VIDMO System we had a clear goal in mind, simplicity and ease of application in any new project.
Most Design Systems on the market are overwhelming with thousands of components and ready-made templates, which makes it hard to navigate through these design systems. Mostly the creators of these products forget the basic value as such a design system should bring to new projects.
VIDMO was prepared to provide the most important and reusable components for our projects, thanks to them you can quickly build navigation, dropdown menus or customize buttons for your new project.
You do not have to go through hundreds of unnecessary components, everything has been reduced to the minimum, thanks to Figma properties we were able to prepare all the necessary variants in a very minimalistic form.
By using Figma properties as basement, we reduced the number of button variants from 180 to 45, or inputs forms from 135 to 5.
That's crazy and very powerful in terms of navigating on design systems and approach to creating them. This makes our system a very lightness and allows to notice more issues on the project.

In short:
✅ No overwhelming components and templates that are not really suitable for use in real projects.
✅ Strong focus on Product Design
✅ Handcrafted Components
✅ Free updates for life
✅ Unlimited Access
✅ Easy to scale during project growth ‍

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VIDMO Design System

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